Laying Chickens for sale!

Due to excess stock we have some excellent 18 month old laying chickens for sale at £10.00 each, they lay 350 eggs per year.


Point-of-lay chickens for sale at £14.00 each or £20.00 for 2, these young Light Sussex chickens are just at the point of laying.

Grow your own Pig meat!

We will take care of your pig for you.

You can come down to see your pig, understand how it is reared and fed or simply pick it up in 7 months time, butchered and bagged.

All of our livestock are reared in traditional ways and are totally free range. We only use NATURAL FOODS from Alan & Page Small Holder Range this is high in OMEGA 3 (unsaturated fats) and one of the best livestock foods on the market.

You are able to choose how your pig is butchered for your own needs. It only takes 7 months before you have a freezer full of mouth-watering, succulent pork, with the added bonus of knowing exactly how and where it all came from. You're whole or half pig will come butchered and bagged ready to cook or freeze. Why not club together with friends, family or colleagues to grow a pig together!

The pig is a superbly versatile animal and is divided traditionally into a number of key joints. Unlike other farm animals, you get to use the majority of the animal. The pig comes back in two sides, so there two of everything. The ears are usually used as a treat for the pet dog, roasted in the oven and allowed to brown. The shoulder is an under-rated pork joint. We bone one, keeping it as a super size roasting joint, and with the other, bone it out, divided into two, then roll it. Keeping the bone in enhances the flavour but makes carving tricky, although well worth the extra hassle.

One loin we leave on the bone and divide into three roasting joints. The other loin is divided into chops. Like the shoulder, the belly has always been viewed as a cheap cut, almost unworthy of recognition. How wrong is that. We keep this on the bone as a roasting joint. The rear legs: these we cut-long and remover the trotters. We then, tunnel bone both.

The cost of owning your own pig will depend on it's final weight. You only pay £3-00 per lb for the side. The head and offal comes free. Aprox side weight is 85 lbs. £50 a side deposit is required, leaving the balance to be paid when you receive the meat.

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